Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)

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The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) is a center of Mexico on the border, the most important in the northwest region, the only institution of the National Council for Culture and the Arts outside the capital. Since its foundation on October 20th, 1982, undertook the task to meet the artistic and cultural needs of the population through a set of services in different art forms and themes of contemporary culture. Located in one of the most modern urban areas of the city and five minutes from the border, the Tijuana Cultural Center has become the most recognized symbol that identifies Tijuana. The facility has an area of 3.5 hectares, and is visited by 1.5 million people annually, of which almost a third are children and in 2010 made more than 12 000 cultural activities. The Tijuana Cultural Center has become a symbol of Tijuana, possesses an exceptional infrastructure within the country: theater, IMAX Dome, video room, the main building –which houses the Museo de las Californias, a multipurpose room and children’s area called CECUTi–, a botanical garden, the Moon Forum, aquarium, the International Gallery The Cube, the Documentation Center for the Arts, the Carlos Monsivais Room, an esplanade of 5,700 square meters, coffee shop, a book store, a souvenir shop, among other venues. Various festivals are held each year, in disciplines such as: dance, theater, literature, folk traditions, concerts, visual arts exhibitions, conferences, IMAX films screenings, video screenings, and more; all these activities present an ample cultural and artistic offer.


Paseo de los Héroes 9350 , esquina con Francisco Javier Mina, Col. Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, C.P. 22010, Tijuana, Baja California


From Monday to Sunday, 09:00 - 21:00 hrs.
Costos y descuentos se aplican de acuerdo a la actividad.


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Coordinación de Atención al Público
Tel. (664) 687 9600


Documentation Center for the Arts (CENDOART)

December 04 2014 to December 31 2017

Children Workshops

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017

Let’s Read it Again

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017

Manga Readings

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017

CECUTi Reading Hall

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017

Botanical Garden

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017

A Space to Enjoy Quality Films

December 17 2014 to December 31 2017


December 17 2014 to December 31 2018


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