Recent Findings at the Ceremonial Center of Tenochtitlan

Walk through Guatemala Street and see, among other things, the monumental sculpture of the Goddess Tlaltecuhtli.

One Hit Wonder

Citadel of Art
23 de febrero de 2018

The Vague Ambition

Citadel of Art
24 de febrero de 2018

The Trade of Narrating

Citadel of Art
24 de febrero de 2018

Cultural precint of the week

Clavijero Cultural Center

Morelia, Michoacán

It is a magnificent building of baroque style of the XVII century.


Los Tepoltzis


The site is located on the crest of some hills. It was built as a small regional center comprised by a ceremonial civic area which had a plaza and a series of surrounding platforms...


Quintana Roo

The site had links with settlements in northern Belize and southern Quintana Roo on earlier periods, a relationship that later was broken, while its relationship with the center of...


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