The exhibition challenges the stereotypes of what is beautiful, true, and fair.

Colleges Route

The National College
del 01 al 04 de abril de 2017

Guided Tour with the Empress Charlotte Amélie of Belgium

National Museum of Interventions
30 de marzo de 2017

Restoration and Muralism in the Secretariat of Public Education

Secretariat of Public Education
31 de marzo de 2017

Cultural precint of the week

National Photographic Library (Former Convent of San Francisco)

Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo

Constitutes to date the most important photographic collection of Mexico and one of the most relevant internationally.




Edzna is consisted of a large sequence of constructions throughout over 15 centuries. The earlier buildings have elements from the architecture of Petén, such as great block...

El Sabinito


The site is one of the cultural manifestations in a long sequence of settlements in the Mountains region of Tamaulipas dated over 12 thousand years ago among nomadic groups, whose ...


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