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The Black Angel

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Elisa decides to marry Jorge, though their past wives have died in strange circumstances. After the wedding, the couple moves to Jorge’s bleak house. There, Elisa meets Cristina, the hostile housewife. Elisa has a boy and Cristina, jealous, sets a trap to Elisa so that Jorge believes that she is cheating on him. He abandons Elisa and takes the child with him. Years later it will be discovered the trap and Cristina will confess Jorge that she poisoned the other women.


Juan Bustillo Oro


Emilio Tuero, Marina Tamayo, Isabela Corona, Joaquín Pardavé, Manolo Fábregas, Tony Díaz y Dolores Camarillo.


April 24 2018
Tuesday , 12:00 - 14:00 hrs.


Canal 22

Atletas 2 Col. Country Club, C.P. 4220, Deleg. Coyoacán México, Ciudad de México

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