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  • Thelma - National Cinematheque
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  • Thelma - Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
    May 29 2018

This film is a Norwegian incursion in the topics of witches and sorcerers, bringing the psychological thriller and body horror to one point. The university student Thelma rescues the old struggle of the inquisitions in Europe through the clash between the sexy worldly life and traditional Christianity, which unleashes supernatural events and little by little discovers the force that dwells within a girl. Joachim Trier is working with his usual team, Eskil Vogt in the script, composer Ola Fløttum and filmmaker Jakob Ihre, result in one of the most sophisticated genre films that the Nordic cinema has produced since Let the Right One In (Tomas Alfredson, 2008).


Eskil Vogt y Joachim Trier


Joachim Trier


Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins, Henrik Rafaelsen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Anders Mossling, Steinar Klouman Hallert, Marte Magnusdotter Solem.


April 21 2018
Saturday , 16:00 - 18:00 hrs., 18:30 - 20:30 hrs., 21:00 - 23:00 hrs.


Rosalío Solano Cinema Theatre

16 de septiembre 44 , C.P. 76000, Querétaro, Querétaro

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