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February 23, 1918: The Trade between Mexico and the United States

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Informally, the U.S. government restricted the sale of grains, cereals and food to Mexico. In October 1917, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Ignacio Bonillas, pointed out that the entry of the United States into World War I had affected the economy of our country. Even before the world conflagration, Mexico could freely import basic necessities, agricultural machinery and various iron and steel products. To enter into the conflict, the government of the neighboring country had banned the export of these goods, focusing on supplying its war economy. In the face of this situation, the Government of Venustiano Carranza made numerous efforts to achieve a trade agreement.

The man responsible for carrying out these negotiations was the Deputy of Finance, Rafael Nieto, who constantly traveled to the country of the North to meet with U.S. officials, bankers and business men.

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