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Romeo, a doctor with a failed marriage, is the father of a student who must take his final exams with the promise of obtaining a college grant in England if he obtains good scores. In the eve of the tests, the girl suffers an attempt of rape, which frustrates Romeo’s expectations, who will try to do everything he can so his daughter can study abroad. The fifth feature film of the Romanian Christian Mungiu, reflects a gloomy postcard of his country by suggesting social dynamics influenced by the individualism, the influence peddling, family disintegration, and the heritage of corruption of the Communist government of Nicolae Ceaușescu.


Cristian Mungiu


Cristian Mungiu


Adrian Titieni (Romeo), Maria Dr?gu? (Eliza), Lia Bugnar (Magda), M?lina Manovici (Sandra), Rare? Andric (Marius), Vlad Ivanov (inspector en jefe), Gelu Colceag (presidente del comité de examen)


August 16 to 17 2017
Wednesday y Thursday , 20:30 - 22:45 hrs.


National Cinematheque

Av. México-Coyoacán 389 Col. Xoco, C.P. 3330, Deleg. Benito Juárez México, Ciudad de México

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