The Dream of a Generation

Book Presentation

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Before the rise of Porfirio Díaz to power, there was only one important railroad in Mexico, the Mexican Railroad. It was built by the English company: Mexican Railway Company Limited, during the difficult years of the War of Reform, the French Intervention, and the restauration of the Republic. This book deals with the entrepreneurial dimension of this early railroad project that symbolized the progress and agreement in the middle of the political disputes in the country. It is the story of a network of investors that spread across the globe in order to develop the complicated business venture it entailed to build a railroad in a territory that was economically stagnant and plunged in war. The Dream of a Generation lets us know the parts involved in the project. The lets us know the parts involved in the project, the arrangements with the State, and the aspects of the financing, showing the experience of a foreign company in the turbulent 19th century Mexico, when it was believed that industrial modernity would solve the country’s problems.


Paris Padilla


June 14 2017, 12:00 - 14:00 hrs.


National Museum of Mexican Railroads

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