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May 19th, 1917: Carranza Intervenes to Solve the Mining Strike

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On May 19th, 1917, President Venustiano Carranza received the commission of miners in strike from the state of Hidalgo. The workers’ representatives were in company of the deputies of Hidalgo, led by Alfonso Cravioto, as well as the deputies of the Socialist block. General Alfredo Rodríguez, Governor of Hidalgo, was also with them, he had informed the President about the situation. Carranza’s intervention was useful to help to end the strike, when the miners obtained the solution to their payment demands.


May 19 to 31 2017, 01:00 hrs.


National Institute of Historical Studies on the Revolutions of Mexico (INHERM)

Francisco I. Madero 1 Col. San Angel, C.P. 1000, Deleg. Alvaro Obregón México, Ciudad de México

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