The Little Prince

Season: Children, Camera, Action

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Our story focuses on The Little Girl, whom her mother has been preparing to face the tough adult world. During this process, she meets her eccentric and kind neighbor: The Aviator. This new friend shows her an extraordinary world where everything is possible, and where he was initiated, years ago, by The Little Prince. This incredible journey takes the girl to rediscover her childhood, a magical place where the human connections are the ones who make the most important bonds and, of course, where the heart is our guide to discover that which is invisible to the eyes, what is truly essential.


Mark Osborne


April 29 2017
Saturday , 11:00 - 12:46 hrs.
Free admission


Luis Buñuel Cinematheque

5 Oriente 5 , Esquina con 16 de Septiembre, C.P. 72000, Puebla, Puebla


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