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April 20th, 1917: The Ambassador of Mexico in United States Declares that a Conflict with this Country Will be Prevented

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The engineer Ignacio Bonillas, appointed by Venustiano Carranza as Mexico’s Ambassador in United States, declared to the Mexican press that, while preserving the national dignity, a new conflict with United States would be prevented.

He issued these statements upon learning the answer of United States’ government to the peace initiative by Carranza, where United States expressed that it wouldn’t second the proposal of the Mexican President Elect, although it shared the objective. Bonillas –who was part of the Mexican commission, led by Luis Cabrera, which negotiated the retreat of the Punitive Expedition– declared that he would focus on reestablishing, in the most cordial terms possible, the relations between both countries and avoid a new conflict through all means.


March 20 to 31 2017, 01:00 hrs.


National Institute of Historical Studies on the Revolutions of Mexico (INHERM)

Francisco I. Madero 1 Col. San Angel, C.P. 1000, Deleg. Alvaro Obregón México, Ciudad de México

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