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Who Came from Teotihuacan? A Proposal from the Astronomy

Pre-Hispanic Astronomy, Mathematics and Geometry

* La actividad consultada ya no está vigente, finalizó el: March 29 2017. Si deseas ver otras actividades relacionadas con el título, da click aquí

Dr. Jesús Galindo, head researcher in the Aesthetic Research Institute of UNAM, takes us into the Memories of the Third Roundtable of Teotihuacan, in which he will analyze his research of the same name: Who Came from Teotihuacan? A Proposal from the Astronomy, published in the first edition in 2005.


Dr. Jesús Galindo Trejo


Wednesday March 29 2017, 19:00 - 20:30 hrs.


Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)

Paseo de los Héroes 9350 , Esquina con Francisco Javier Mina Col. Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, C.P. 22010, Tijuana, Baja California