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Brrt! Disgusting Story for Children with Wind Breakage

* La actividad consultada ya no está vigente, finalizó el: April 16 2017. Si deseas ver otras actividades relacionadas con el título, da click aquí

This play was born when Ian Daniel and some of his friends kept saying “gas” and “fart” during a meal at home. The scatological phase began early and I don’t think it has stopped, but that year was particularly intense. Who hasn’t gone through that obsession? Who left it behind? So, in a summer vacation, with the help of my little boy and his brother, Juan Sebastián, I wrote this play about many things besides back blasts.


Jaime Chabaud


Oswaldo Valdovinos


María Teresa Adalid, Sandra Rosales, Zohar Salgado, Itzel Casas, Oswaldo Valdovinos y Karina Miranda

Músicos: Yair Hernández Matus y David Martínez “Kato”


Sunday January 22 to April 16 2017, 13:00 - 14:00 hrs.


Hellenic Cultural Center

Avenida Revolución 1500 , Esquina con Manuel M. Ponce Col. Guadalupe Inn, C.P. 1020, Deleg. Alvaro Obregón México, Ciudad de México

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