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In 1000 B.C. Chalcatzingo was the only archaeological site known at the time in the Mexican Central High Plateau that presents important architecture like constructions of civilian nature and excellent bas-relief, which represented the first artistic expressions of its nature in the Mesoamerican area, as well as stone-carved sculptures. In addition, recent studies have revealed that these distinctive features are evident due to the presence of people alien to the area and Olmeca groups coming from the Gulf of Mexico coast. Therefore, all these elements give the site special connotations.

The archaeological site was made public in 1934 after a hurricane exposed the relief known as El Rey [The King]. Then, later studies carried out in the archaeological site revealed that the Archaeological site of Chalcatzingo existed since 3,000 years B.C. to our days.


Alatriste S/N,, Col. Chalcatzingo, C.P. 62977, Jantetelco, Morelos


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From Yautepec take the Federal Highway No. 138 towards the east until reaching the town of Cuautla, Morelos. At this point head toward the Highway No. 160, towards Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla. Approximately 20 km [12.4 miles] from Cuautla get to the crossroad with the Hueyapan-Axochiapan State Road and continue to the south. After 4 kilometers [2.4 miles], take the detour once again towards the west passing through the former hacienda of Santa Clara Montefalco until arriving at the town of Chalcatzingo and head to Vicente Guerrero Street and turn in Alatriste until reaching the site. By public transport take a bus in the stop of Montefalco or in the town of Jonacatepec that goes to Chalcatzingo. To get to Jonacatepec, take a bus that departs from Cuautla to Axochiapan/Tepalcingo, Atotonilco.