Zenea Garden

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It’s part of the historical heritage of the city. Created from the establishment of the viceroyalty from the 16th to late 19th century. The garden is in the middle of the city, created in order to promote the social harmony. It’s currently acting in the same way, as a space to talk, play, read and more. This resting place was named after Colonel Benito S. Zenea, who suddenly died and was always closely connected with the construction of it while he was the Governor of the State. Along with Mr. Trinidad Riverera who served as Prefect of the city, they gave their salaries to support the construction. The place has ash trees, fruit trees, bushes and roses; with iron benches you can have relaxing days at downtown in a natural and peaceful environment. Then Julio M. Cervantes, switched to a liberal government ideology and he divided the garden in three parts, the Southern part became the Escobedo’s Old Market, the middle part was sold to Miguel Bueno, a Spanish business man, who started the construction of what we know as Grand Hotel and the northern part became the garden.


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