The Assumption Cathedral of Oaxaca

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The construction of the building began in 1535, which consisted in three naves, with thatched roof, and this building was very austere. During the building of the temple, the functions of the cathedral were assumed by the temple of St. John of God. The cathedral began its activities in 1640. At the end of the 17th century, side chapels were added, as well as the vaults of the naves. In 1724, Miguel de Sanabrio, to whom the works were entrusted, began the construction of another building that was finished in 1733, because the previous one was affected by earthquakes, very common in the area. That’s why the building, same as other temples in the city has heavy dimensions. Finally, in 1740, began the last construction; frameworks brought from Europe where installed, also Florentine chandeliers. Twelve years later the main façade was finishes. 


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