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It was in 1855 when began the idea that Guadalajara should have a theater worthy for its people. When General Santos Degollado was governor of the state it was issued the decree for its construction. Originally it was agreed to designate the theater with the name of Alarcón, to honor playwright Juan Ruiz de Alarcón y Mendoza, remarkable Mexican theater author from the three viceroyal centuries. However, after the death of General Degollado it was signed a decree to change the name of the building. The author of the project, carrying out the blue prints and direction of the construction was in charge of local architect Jacobo Gálvez, who determined the placing of the first stone in 1856.

Ten years later, the official opening took place with the presentation of the opera Lucía di Lamermoor by Donizzetti performed by the famous soprano and actress Ángela Peralta, known internationally as the Mexican nightingale. The building corresponds to the neoclassic period and nowadays, after the last restoration, it is one of the best preserved in Latin America. Its main hall is very similar to the Scala of Milan, it holds important art work, being the mural that represents Dante Alighieri's fourth song in the Divine Comedy painted by Jacobo Gálvez, Gerardo Suárez and Carlos Villaseñor.

Throughout its history, the theater has had several reopenings; September 13th, 1866, October 30th, 1880, September 15th, 1910, June 28th, 1941, September 8th, 1964 and November 25th, 2005.

In its most recent restoration different important transformations for the building were used like the placing of new floors, seats, painting work, light substitution, change of boards in the stage and installing of new hydraulic platform, new air conditioning system and remodeling of dressing rooms, among others. Within the frame of this works, it was also restored the 23 ¾ carat gold sheet in areas like the proscenium arch, colossal eagle, frames, columns, finishing, figurehead in prosceniums. It was also highly important the renovation of the Austrian drape that represents a Greek scene called Athenian Festival, a work dating around 1880 and painted by the Italian artist Carlos Fontana.

Nowadays, the precinct is venue of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco and of shows related to theater, opera, dance and artistic and cultural festivals.


Degollao S/N, entre Av. Hidalgo y Morelos , Col. Guadalajara Centro, C.P. 44100, Guadalajara, Jalisco


From Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 20:00 hrs.
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Lic. Maria Graciela Guzmán de León
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