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The Mexican Conquerors and the Earliest Spanish Urban Settlements in Central America


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After the fall of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco, other conquests and establishments were made: Guatemala and San Salvador (1525); after this, the indigenous warriors who didn’t return to Mexico established new communities in Almolonga, Guatemala. All of these communities grouped under the term of Mexican Conquerors, in order to ask for the Spanish crown for exemptions of tributes. Much is known about these groups, but only in Ciudad Vieja, San Salvador, have been discovered archaeological remains of the Mexican Conquerors. In this lecture will be made known the researches and the role of the members of a multi-ethnic community of the time of the early Colony.


Coordina: Leonardo López Luján Imparte: William R. Fowler


October 23 2019
Wednesday , 18:00 - 19:30 hrs.
Free admission


The National College   Ver más información del recinto

Donceles 104, Esquina con Argentina y Donceles, C.P. 6020, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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