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A Virtual Tour to the Regional Museum of Michoacán

Did you know that the Regional Museum of Michoacán is one of the oldest in the country?

It was officially established on January 30th, 1886, when the Governor of the state back then, Mariano Jiménez, appointed Nicolás León as its director.

In regard to the historical pieces that the museum keeps, stands out the table where the Constitution of Apatzingán was signed, and a collection of portraits of historical figures, such as Vasco de Quiroga, Agustín de Iturbide, Melchor Ocampo, and some Governors of the state of Michoacán.

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December 15 2015 to June 30 2021
, 01:00 - 00:00 hrs.

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Dr. Nicolás León Calderon Regional Museum of Michoacán   Ver más información del recinto

Allende 305 Col. Morelia Centro, C.P. 58000, Morelia, Michoacán   Cómo llegar

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