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The Culture Secretariat thanks its on-line users for their trust and commits to protect their privacy. This policy has as its aim to inform you about the system that Culture Secretariat keeps to protect and manage your personal information in compliance with the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Governmental Information, its rules and regulations and the decree to the reform in the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Governmental Information, published in the Official Newspaper of the Federation o June 6th 2006. The personal data that users input will be used according to what is stipulated in the aforementioned policy, and for such reason we recommend you read it to guarantee its comprehension.

Why is it necessary to have personal information?

The website "Mexico is Culture" is orientated to offer the user a guide of the cultural activities of Culture Secretariat through an interactive and personalized experience, in order to achieve this it is necessary to have the personal information of our users. We deal with the minimum information necessary to accomplish an adequate operation.

The personal information we ask for includes the essential information in order to provide an optimum service. Below, we detail some of the motives why it is necessary to gather this data:

* To provide the user with a more individualized experience in our site, for example, to give him/her the possibility of having an agenda of events more personalized.

* Subscription to news bulletins or to partners' programs.

* Participation in contests, raffles and/or surveys on-line.

Use of the information that we gather

Users can surf on the site Mexico es Cultura without giving any kind of personal information. However, on some pages, they will be asked, among other data, for their name, address, zip code, country, date of birth, personal interests. In order to be able to give a wide range of services, the categories of the data we gather are the following:

* Information the user provides:

In the case of the Registry section to our news bulletin, the user must supply some personal data –such as name, e-mail address, account password, postal address, cultural preferences, and occupation, among others-. It is not mandatory to provide all the information that is required in those sections. When we considered it convenient for an adequate operation, we will let the user know what information is indispensable by calling attention to these paragraphs with asterisks.

* Cookies:

Additionally, when a user visits our Site, we send one or several cookies (a little file that has a character chain) to his or her computer and through these his or her browser will be identified exclusively. We use cookies to improve the quality of our service thanks to the fact that we store the user's preferences and supervise the behavior tendencies, for example, the kind of searches the user makes. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies; however, the user will be able to reconfigure the browser to reject all the cookies or to have the system indicate the user when the equipment receives one. Nevertheless, if the cookies are not enabled, it is possible that some characteristics and services of our Website do not work properly.

* Maps:

one of the functions of our Website is to offer the user the location data of a cultural space through google maps, that is why we remind the user of google's policy in this regard: "If you use these services, Google might receive information about your actual location (for example, GPS signals sent by a mobile device) or information that might be used to determine your approximate location (for example, the ID of a mobile)".

* Communication:

We also use the personal information of our user to get in touch with them. We can send them e-mails to answer their questions, a welcome letter, reminders for their agendas, etc. In addition to this, and with their consent, we can send them information about other services Culture Secretariat offers.

* Links:

Our Website has links to other Websites of the Council, for that reason we recommend you read the privacy policies in each website.

* Technical support:

Personal data, such as the e-mail, can be used to solve any reported problem by our users. And consequently some of our partners (our georeferenced data provider, for example) can have access to such information. Each user must freely determine if he wants or not to give the personal data that is required, knowing that if a user decided not to give the information, he would not be able to access the services in which such particular information is necessary, but he will be able to access the services that do not require the aforementioned information. Likewise, the user will be able to modify or update his registry information in any moment he thinks it pertinent.

* Sharing and Revealing Personal Information

According to the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Governmental Information, the personal data of our users will not be given to other people in the following cases:

* For statistic, scientific or general interest reasons foreseen in the law, previous procedure by the which the personal data cannot be related to the individual they refer;

* When the data are transmitted between compelled subjects or between dependences and entities, provided that the data are used for the exercise of faculties of the same users;

* When there is a judicial order; * When a service that requires the processing of personal data is hired. Other people will not be able to use the personal data for purposes different from those purposes the data were transmitted for. Under previous consent we could reveal your personal data in the following cases:

* Associates: We could give the information to our associates, explaining always the kind of information shared, its use purpose and the effective terms of the association, as well as whatever change or endings in such associations.

* Sale, Fusions and Acquisitions: When the rights and obligations of the service supplier are transferred totally, you will be notified in advance and in detail, according to the adequate procedures. The user will have the option of finishing the contract for providing personal information. Account Cancellation: the users will be able to cancel their registry, through our website, in the moment they consider convenient. In this case, the personal information of the users will be destroyed in such a way it cannot be recuperated or used, but in the exceptional cases that are listed below:

* When a payment is not completed. * When the Mexican commercial laws require it.

* When it is necessary to keep it to inform about antecedents for any sue or legal conflict.

* In accordance with the explicit consent of the user due to any other reason.

* When it is required for investigation purposes by a relevant public agency with basis on laws and regulations.

* When it is required by processes defined by relevant laws and regulations.

Culture Secretariat has as a principle to notify the person even in the case when the information is required by investigators or relevant laws and regulations. However, in some cases the notification could be prohibited by law. We have the commitment to make every endeavor to avoid revealing personal information for reasons not related with the original purposes of compilation and usage The information, images and all kind of files comprehended in the site "Mexico es Cultura" can be used without profit for the diffusion of cultural activities, and the dependence that is the information source must be cited as the author For any use different from the mentioned in the previous paragraph, an authorization from the legal department of the dependence must be obtained. If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, please, contact us through the contact link or through mail to the following address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 175, 2do. Piso 2 Col. Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06500. México, D.F 035035


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